b'ECE104 CONSPICUITY TAPE Make sure youre WHAT IS ECE104? visable this WinterECE104 is a regulation that establishes guidelines for the useEnsure your vehicle stands out of retro-reflective safety markings on goods vehicles over 7.5T orin poor driving conditionstrailers over 3.5T and has been mandatory on newly registeredFEATURESMeets or exceeds all ECEImproved safety andvehicles & trailers since July 2011.Regulation 104 increased visibility of vehiclesHigh brightness/quality Reduced accidents meansWHAT COLOUR MARKINGS product less downtime and decreasedExcellent angularity in bothrepair costsCAN BE USED? horizontal and verticalImprove corporate image Position on Vehicle :- orientations through being more Easy to apply proactive about safetyFRONTWHITE Protect your companyProduced with 3M materialSIDESYELLOW OR WHITE* The markings clearly outlineagainst potential legalthe rear and side of the action related to third party REARRED OR YELLOW* vehicle, making it visible safetyfor up to 1000m at night To meet the regulatory *The Department for Transport states that UK preferencerequirements of ECE104for colours is yellow to the side and red to the rearHelps to reduce accidentsfrom July 2011and save livesCURTAINFEATURES 3M DIAMOND GRADE (SERIES 983) 3M DIAMOND GRADE (SERIES 997) 3M DIAMOND GRADE (SERIES 997S)Typical Use For all applications on rigid surfaces For all applications on curtain-sidesSuitable Application Surfaces & Substrates Aluminium, stainless steel, automotive paint 3M approved coated curtains, not older than 6 monthsMaximum Warranty on Reflectivity 8 Years 3 YearsRIGID Standard Colour Range White, Red & YellowAdhesive Clear pressure sensitiveECE104 Compliant YesProduct Construction Highly reflective prismatic construction Highly reflective, flexible, prismatic constructionE-Mark Yes (104 R-00821) Yes (104 R-003189)Application Quickly and easily appliedREAR MARKER BOARDS NEWThe TRP parts programme offers a comprehensivePRODUCTrange of rear Marker Boards for Trucks and TrailersALL BOARD TYPES ARE AVAILABLE: MAKE SURE YOUR TRUCK BOARDS VEHICLES ARE NEW LEDTYPE 1Single BoardREADY FORTYPE 2/3 - Pair Amber Light BarType 4Set of 4 WINTERTRAILER BOARDSType 5 - SingleType 6/7Pair From Ring Automotive, this new Type 8Set 4 lightbar is suitable for both trucks and Meets or exceeds all ECE Regulation 70.01 vans, and ensures that your vehicle isExcellent angularity in both horizontal seen when operating on carriageways and vertical orientations or at slow speeds.High quality product Available in Aluminium1 148mm long LED Amber Light Bar or Self Adhesive with bolt mountHighly Reflective, giving Suitable for 12v and 24v vehiclesadvanced warnings toother road users of larger/slower 10 different Flash patternsvehicles aheadTRPCONTACT US NOW FOR BEST PRICE & AVAILABILITY ITEM TRP PART NUMBERLight Bar22811804'